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Responsive websites & digital design in Huddersfield

A website alone is not enough to be successful online. It takes strong design based on thorough research that yields tangible results, strategic marketing and dedicated SEO. Some of our sites get up to 25,000 visits per day, through experience we know what it takes to be successful and that is why we deliver complete website packages with full SEO, social media and integrated website management information.

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responsive design

Responsive Web Design

The mobile revolution is here. More than 50% of the UK owns a Smartphone and online sales using mobiles are increasing daily. Shouldn't your business get mobile ready with responsive design for iOS, Android, tablets and open your business' online world to as many new customers as possible?

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Stand out from the crowd. It’s a big world out there and attention-grabbing interactive web design is a great way to demonstrate to customers what’s unique about what you do. We can program a wide variety of scripts to make content stand out, pop out, slide, play, disappear and much more. Our interactive designs are developed to offer visual appeal, return on investment, user friendliness and superb functionality. Contact our Huddersfield website design agency office for more details.

Interactive design

User Experience Design

Custom Design & User Experience

Beauty is only skin deep; so, what's under the hood? Our graduate design team are university qualified in designing information systems for people and human computer interaction theory. This means that we have the skills to make websites work, as well as look good.

We maximize results through user experience (Ux) focused design. We aim to make websites as user friendly as possible through a combination of extensive research, market analysis process mapping and user testing to make our websites as user friendly as possible. The results are reduced single page visits to our customer's sites, (AKA reduced bounce rate) and increased conversions and sales.

Business Quality

We are lucky, because we are different to other web agencies. Bigint has 20 years experience in organizational quality, including six sigma process improvement and we are experts in project and program management.

We have extended our six sigma quality toolkit to support software development and online business. Our ability to combine IT with operational best practice offers our customers an advantage and gives us an edge. Ask us to ingrain business quality in your website.

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Business Quality in Websites Yorkshire

Website Portfolio

What We've Done

With service excellence and integrity

We hand-craft responsive, mobile-ready websites with creative designs. So, if you need help bringing your ideas to life, let’s work together to realise your vision. We are passionate about code and push the latest web technologies as far as they will go to create smart and functional websites to help our clients to reach their goals.

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Some ideas realised …

Making our customers happy

Double Dipper

Paint Stripping Services

After Double Dipper purchased new paint stripping equipment, they contacted Bigint to help promote the door, furniture and cast iron paint stripping services they wanted to offer customers in the Huddersfield area.

The brief was to create a two page site in a victorian theme, with a modern twist. As with all our sites, with included a full SEO package, Google Search and Analytics integration and anti-virus registration. Double Dipper are exteremly pleased with the outcome.


CMS / HTML / CSS / JS / Bootstrap

Double Dipper Website Build

Ian Barrett & Sons

Builder Huddersfield

Following an initial meeting, Huddersfield based building company Ian Barrett & Sons, were left so impressed, they immediately instructed us to build a new website for the company.

Ian Barrett & Sons loved the fact that through the development process we provide lots of opportunities to review progress and feedback. The team were similarly impressed by our effective and reliable communication and professional approach to content development, which focuses on achieving a good balance between the business, marketing and SEO.


CMS / HTML / CSS / JS / Bootstrap

Local business websites huddersfield Yorkshire

Spindles Woodturning

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick, master craftsman and owner of Spindles Wood Turning, asked us to design a new portfolio to showcase his skills when promoting the services of to top London design companies.

From a range of alternative designs and technological solutions Daniel chose our modern app style recommendation using JavaScript to deliver smooth scroll and fly-in content effects.


HTML / CSS3 / JS / Bootstrap

Daniel Fitzpatrick's Portfolio

Beer Tap Handles

This fully responsive for mobile and tablet website is one of four design mock-up options we created for a local wood craftsman who has branched out into the beer tap handles marketplace. Although the client liked all the options we presented, they loved this one.

With a custom products grid and popup lightbox gallery to showcase individual products at their best the client thought the site was an ideal platform to launch his new beer tap handles.



Beer Tap Site

QC Law

Quantum Chambers Law is a pioneering Brighouse based law firm that has been granted regulatory status governed by the Bar Standards Board.

When QC Law took the decision to promote their new status online they turned to us to deliver a solution. We developed a modern website inspired by the QC Law brand and colour scheme. Designed for any modern device, the website makes browsing QC Law’s range of services accessible and convenient for everyone.



QC Law Website


Poochase original dog treats is a London based company that needed a capable and trustworthy website design agency to bring a new subscription pet treat product line to the online market.

We developed an online ecommerce platform packed with custom functionality from the ground up. The site included single page checkout, a range of monthly subscription plan options, friend invitation facility, custom affiliate referral links and even a coupon discount system.

Poochase has asked us not to show the images copyrighted by them. In respect of this request we have chosen to display our own take on the site instead.


Custom CMS / Bootstrap / PHP / CSS / HTML / JS pet website

University of Huddersfield

When the University of Huddersfield Enterprise Team invited tenders to develop a new database powered business directory for their 65" reception monitor, we jumped at the opportunity to showcase our work.

Our winning bid saw us develop a web based interactive business directory with integrated searchable database. This touch screen solution enables users to create an online account from any device and upload a business directory profile, all with admin approval by email notification.



Reception monitor software


Prestige is an overseas specialist detailer of executive vehicles and supercars. Prestige asked us to design a new website and logo that would reflect the quality marques they worked with. We delivered a modern, responsive one page website with smooth scroll effect, designed for all devices. The new site enabled Prestige to promote a range of products and services to their target audience and take online bookings.


C# Razor / Bootstrap / CSS3 / HTML / JS

Prestige car valet


This site was developed for a news, media and publishing company. The client required a YouTube style site that could host MP3 video content for upload and download by users, as well as display video and news content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo using embedded URLs.

The biggest coding challenges on this build were in the background as we had to ensure the site could effectively manage and deliver resource demanding video content.




Sports OEM

We were commissioned to design and develop this conceptual sportswear ecommerce platform by another agency.

Our design brought the ecommerce brand to life through a custom front end and functional shopping process designed and built upon the well known Woo Commerce shopping framework. The site proved easy to operate for the user and easy to maintain for the client becoming an ideal platform for selling retail goods online.



Sports OEM


Banana Audio is a sound design company based in Yorkshire. Banana asked us for a masonry style website to demonstrate their portfolio of digital sound and video work to customers, that could be maintained by their own team.

We developed a CMS framework website for Banana Audio using custom coded audio players to deliver the interactivity that would bring Banana’s excellent portfolio to life for users.



Banana Audio Website

Adventure Me

The AdventureMe concept is a travel blog framework we were commissioned to develop by an overseas agency.

Using the creative freedom we had over the brief, we designed and developed an on trend, app style site from the ground up. The design integrated the main website pages into one page, with smooth scroll making it easier for users to navigate the site and parallax effect for a modern twist. We included a custom travel blog to deliver the main functionality.


C# Razor / Bootstrap / CSS3 / HTML / JS

Adventure Me travel site


TWS create contemporary efficient working environments from their range of office furniture and associated services.

TWS asked us to develop a flag waving website to promote their range of products and services to online customers. TWS required an image heavy, but text light design which presented SEO challenges for us. We delivered a desktop and mobile friendly layout with pop-up gallery to show off individual products at their best. Overcoming all SEO challenges the site began generating new leads and sales within 6 weeks of launch.



Total Workspace Solutions


Manchester Carnival asked us to design and build Manchester’s annual carnival website. The Carnival committee knew what they wanted in terms of imagery and functionality; it was left to us to code their vision. We delivered a colourful and fun website with an easy to navigate interface designed for all ages. We included payment facilities to receive online donations and a fully custom media player to play a live stream of the official carnival radio station. The site receives up 20, 000 individual visits per day.


HTML / CSS3 / Bootstrap / PHP / JS

Manchester Carnival Website

And, we've done much, much more …

Total Workspace Solutions


Complete packages designed to meet all your needs

From start-up business websites to large ecommerce shops we have the knowledge, experience and toolkit to meet your needs. We deliver a full package that includes all the neat finishing touches and crucial aspects of a successful website development including Search engine optimisation (SEO), social media integration, favicon, antivirus registration, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business setup.


We have always built with mobile in mind, so you are in safe hands

Following Google's April update, there may be a significant decrease in search traffic if your website is not mobile friendly.
- Google, 2015

Bigint are experts at building mobile friendly websites. For for free advice

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Tropical Media Website



Our designers will work with you to create a totally unique look and feel, from logo through to ground up design and build. However, success online is not just about code; our web design process is focused on working towards your commercial objectives. With 20 years of business improvement knowledge gained in the worlds biggest companies on our team, we know that success is about meeting your customer's needs.

Websites for Everyone

Our prices are extremely competitive. In fact, our rate is 50% less expensive than the most car dealerships and 500% less than the average solicitor. However, some customers are restricted by tight budgets. Saving on design is the only measure we would recommend for reducing the overall cost of a website development.  Therefore, we offer a wide range of professionally designed website themes that can be tailored visually and functionally to suit your brand.

Customer Sites

Agile Methodologies for Ground Up Custom Design and Build

We design and build custom websites from a blank page through to a finished product using agile techniques. In brief, we achieve success by focusing on the client's, and client's customers' needs, as well as the site. Then, we build a bit and show it to the customer for approval before building some more. We also use graduate graphic designers and graduate programmers to deliver our products, so we have all the right skills to design and built accessible and usable interfaces.

Content Management Systems

It is often more appropriate for Bigint to develop a customized content management system (CMS) site than a ground up development for a client. CMS are usually faster to produce and make it easier for clients to update site content themselves, saving on long term admin costs. CMS do not restrict the design aspects of a build, we can add a fully custom front end design onto CMS giving you all the convenience of a CMS admin panel with an individual look and feel.


Why not ask us to develop a blog or magazine site so you can keep in touch with customers and promote your business online? Using the latest web technologies we can connect your business to a community of subscribers to promote your views, products or services.


Whether you require a full online catalogued ecommerce site with product search and payment facilities or a just shopping cart to add to an existing website, we can build it for you. Start selling online now by Contacting Us

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We build apps

We can make you blog into an app. Ask us more.

We develop desktop and smart phone apps using the latest technologies at competetive prices. Contact us for details.

microsoft development icon

Bigint Hosting

Web Hosting

Our Windows hosting packages feature business mailboxes, excellent support, high performance and an easy to use control panel. More ....


Tropical Media Website

Responsive Websites

Be successful online with a Bigint mobile site

Following Google's April update, there may be a significant decrease in search traffic if your website is not mobile friendly.
- Google, 2015

If your site is not designed for Smartphone users or compliant with Google's mobile optimization guidelines you are likely to see a drop in your sites search rankings. We can help.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

According to Google's April 2015 update there may be a significant decrease in Google search traffic to your website if the site is not mobile friendly. If you would like to know if your website is mobile friendly Google has a mobile friendly test tool you can use to find out. We can help you go mobile.

bigint iphone picture

We can help you go mobile

We can improve your Google ranking by making your site mobile ready

If you are a Bigint customer, you have no worries, because our websites have always been mobile friendly; that makes us experts.

Is your website mobile friendly?.

microsoft development icon

How do we do it?

To find out more about how we build mobile websites and your general website options, please read our blog article, "So, You Need a Mobile Website".   Alternatively, contact us to ask more at: or Tel: 07743 347 271

Bigint eCommerce

Shops and eCommerce

Large online ecommerce websites were once the preserve of eCommerce giants. Today we can deliver similar functionality for reduced costs. Nowadays consumers spend more time on mobile devices than on desktops, with smart phones and tablets expected to account for 75% of transactions in the coming years. We can deliver responsive ecommerce sites to meet the mobile demand; alternatively, any website can become a shop with our website shopping carts.

DNN logo wordpress logo orchard logo joomla logo opencart logo

TWS Site

Is Your Store Online?

If you are not already selling online you are missing potential business. Whether you want to start small or launch a fully featured online store, we have the expertise to get you up and running quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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eCommerce CMS

Our bespoke eCommerce content management systems with custom design provide full administrative control of products and associated media through an easy to use control panel. With very little technical expertise you will be able to create new product categories, develop products variations and update and remove existing products with ease.

eCommerce Services

Online eCommerce

Shopping Carts

Payment Services

Free Advice

Bigint SEO


Is your website search engine optimized? Ask Us to find out.

We can perform search engine optimization (SEO) analysis on your website and make the changes necessary to get your site to the top of Google's results pages. Effective SEO is more than just code, a wider strategy is required to achieve results. Want to know more?

Why SEO?

We can tell you …

A website without SEO is like publishing a best seller then leaving the book under the counter in a library as opposed to cataloguing the book by author and title in the correct section; only the people who know where to look will find it. It's similar with websites; unless search engines can understand a website and classify the content search engines can have difficulty associating the site to search terms and in turn recommending the site in the results.

Why not ask us if your site is search optimized?

Ask us to help your business shoot for the top of Google

Do you already have a website? We undertake comprehensive search engine optimization analysis, presenting our findings and recommendations in a detailed report. We then use the research findings to underpin the changes needed to ensure that customers can find your website.

Save your business time and money ...

... by doing things right. It is not possible to buy your websites’ way to the top of Google’s organic results; however, it is possible to invest in good quality SEO to ensure that your website has every opportunity of success. Our knowledge of SEO best practice enables us to produce excellent results for our customers.

We design websites to be found, not everyone does.

Good SEO is achieved by doing thorough research on customers, by producing rich content that reflects strong customer research and writing code that meets the strict standards and guidelines set by search providers such as Google.

Unfortunately not all developers appreciate the importance of SEO. We believe optimising websites is an integral part of doing a good job. Our customers rely on us to do what is needed to give their site every opportunity to succeed online. That's why we aim to undertake SEO on all new websites.

SEO Services

Advice: Free

SEO Reports

SEO Implementation

Bigint Apps


Cover all the bases, feature your products in the app store

Nowadays, more internet searches are performed on mobile devices than desktop computers; that's why we understand mobile.

We even predicted this trend a long time ago when we took the decision to only develop with mobile devices in mind.

Windows 10 logo


We build Windows metro style apps.

There's 1000, 000, apps and counting.

Bigint apps Huddersfield has access to a rich set of tools and APIs that enable us to create apps for all modern devices.   Ask us for more information.

Blog Apps Blog Apps

Connect to a wider audience and keep in touch with customers with a blog app.

We can turn your blog into a free app store download.  Ask us for details.

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Bigint Blog App

ios9 logo


iOS is engineered to take advantage of the latest technologies, so don't get left behind, make sure you have a mobile friendly website or app to promote your business online.

social media

Social Media

Know your customers, grow loyalty and increase sales

Social media is a great opportunity to enhance relationships with customers and expand your brand. Your customers are online using Twitter, Facebook or possibly even publishing their own blog. If your business can find those customers and keep them close, the business will develop a loyal following of ambassadors that will work on your behalf to promote your products and services.

Strategic Social Media

Does your business have a social media strategy?

Customers are increasingly using tablets, mobiles and computers to browse for products and services. We can support your business in taking advantage of social media opportunities on desktop and mobile platforms.

A social media strategy has fast become marketing best practice. We can deliver the technology and supporting business process to enable your business to make the most of the social media opportunities available.

Strengthen Your Brand

Strong social networks will reinforce your brand and promote your website online. Social media is closely related to search engine optimization (SEO). Google’s algorithm uses website traffic and links to other sites as influencing factors for search results rankings.

Social Media Services

A strong social media strategy can pay dividends to your brand reputation and long term success. A loyal customer can become a customer for life. Strategic interaction with your customers can improve products and services, as well as increasing sales. We can provide the social media tools to implement your strategy. Ask us for details.